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A flooded street corner.

Advancing climate adaptation

Aerial view of land and the ocean.

Developing nature-based solutions

Scuba divers looking at coral.

Enabling market options

Salmon jumping upstream in the water.

Restoring natural resources

Flooding in an island community.

Supporting climate justice

Two people examining a dried sea bed while discussing what they see.

Strengthening communications




UCSC Researchers and Chancellor Larive on stage at APEC University Leaders' Forum

Worldwide leaders convene to protect, advance global biodiversity

UC Santa Cruz hosted the APEC University Leaders’ Forum with UC Davis and the Association of Pacific Rim Universities

Coral reefs in the ocean

Coral reefs identified as national natural infrastructure

UC Santa Cruz and federal agency partners drafted a policy resolution that advances funding for reef protections for people

Water storage being monitored by solar meter.

Rebates can offer solutions to California’s groundwater woes

A new study by UC Santa Cruz and UC Berkeley researchers calculates how a unique program modeled after rooftop solar metering can help to enhance the storage of groundwater

Climate change is here, and the impacts to our communities are clear. We are building solutions to reduce those risks for our most vulnerable people and ecosystems.

Last modified: Mar 21, 2024